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I currently have a year's back log on custom orders.  At this point I can not commit to any more work until I can get knives in the hands of those who have confirmed orders.  I will however be making some of the more popular fillet and hunting knife designs so that I can have some inventory on hand.  Please  check  with  me  by  email for availability and I will be happy to send

photos of what is available.
  I do not include a cost listing for the knives I make because the cost varies with the blade steel, handle material and amount of detail work in the handle construction. I will instead give an example of a typical hunting, fillet and Chef’s knife. Due to increased price of steel and handle materials these prices are for knives completed in 2010.
  Coyote Meadow 
  4.75 inch CPM S30V blade, Brass finger guard, Solid one piece Micarta or Desert Ironwood handle
  ........................... $420
  Punta Chivato
  8-9 inch CPM 154 blade, brass finger guard, Solid one piece Micarta or Desert Ironwood handle
  ........................... $380
  Chef’s Knife
  7 inch CPM 154 blade, Desert Ironwood handle
  ........................... $400

The knives pictured above include upgrades in both steel and handle configurations not included in the sample pricing.

Upgrades to the knife handles above include “Presentation” grade Ironwood, Sambar Stag, Stainless Steel finger guard, and multiple piece built up “Stacked” handle configurations.

Steel upgrades for hunting/utility knives are CPM S90V, CPM S110V, and CPM M4. Upgrades for fillet knives are CPM S30V.

I charge only what the materials cost me for handle upgrades. Steel upgrades depend on blade length and the configuration of the total knife. S-90V, S110V, M4 and 10V for example on the Coyote Meadow will range from $40 to $80. I try to keep my knives affordable and some upgrades and options will have offsetting costs and depend on the materials I have available. I prefer an initial contact by e-mail or telephone to under stand the use and material preferences and then to quote an overall “package price” for each knife.

NOTE:  I sometimes have knives on hand so it’s worth a check, but normal lead time is 3 to 12 months depending on time of year and knife show schedule.


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